About Nicolas

Nicolas Kane, a native of San Diego, had an interest in and talent for drawing and painting from childhood. Primarily self-taught, he perfected his abilities by studying with contemporary masters Frank Tauriello and Theodore Lukits. The captivating power of his work springs from a lifetime of direct observation of life outdoors. His extensive travels throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America expanded his awareness of color and balance. The time Nicolas spent in Guatemala, living with the Quiche Indians, increased his understanding of the emotional bond between visual perception and artistic expression. Since childhood, Nicolas has always been fascinated by the Pacific Ocean, from surfing, to working on and restoring boats, offshore fishing for tuna and marlin, and sailing the coastal waters of Southern California, Mexico, and Hawaii. He now balances his time between his two studios, one near Balboa Park, and the other a beamy sailboat on the water where he can experience that wonderful time when the sun disappears into the sea – the inspiration for his sunset paintings.

Nicolas prefers the spontaneity of pastels and the lush tactile property of oils to create the luminous quality that distinguishes his art. The power of his pigments and the sensitivity of his touch bring his paintings to life.